You are looking for a place to buy used electric bicycles in canada with high prices, good reputation. Old Tram 66 is a shop specializing in buying and selling used electric bicycles with the highest price today in canada.

We buy used electric bicycles and motorbikes of all brands Vinfast, Klara A2, Klara A1, Feliz, ..Giant M133, 133S, 133H, Momentum, Nijia, Yamaha, Honda, Asama, Bridgestone, Hkbike, Xmen, Zoomer, Mocha, Milan, VespaA, Roma, Nioshima, Yadea., Cap Dibao… … Especially, we commit that our purchasing price is always 1-3 million higher than the market.

Old Tram 66 is an address specializing in buying and selling used electric bicycles at home in canada and neighboring provinces at high prices. Currently, the center is accepting and purchasing all types of vehicles and vehicles such as second-hand electric bicycles without the owner, second-hand electric bicycles on installment payments, old electric bicycles without papers, … with prices 10-20% higher than other old electric vehicles in canada .

Buy and sell electric bicycles in Canada
Buy and sell electric bicycles in Canada

 Why should you choose Old Tram 66?

To sell used electric bicycles easily and with guaranteed value, you need to choose a reputable address and have a clear policy. If you choose an unreputable facility, even if your bike is still in good condition, you may still be pressured and get a lower price. Therefore, please research carefully before selling used electric bicycles in canada.

Old Tram Center 66 is the most prestigious and reliable address to sell used electric bicycles in canada. When you come here, you will be served by a team of professional, enthusiastic and experienced consultants in the field of buying used cars.

 Benefits of using the service of buying used electric bicycles at home:

When you use the service of buying and selling used electric bicycles, buying used electric motorbikes at home will receive the following benefits:

  • Convenience: You can sell and liquidate your used e-bike from the comfort of your own home, without having to go to a physical store.
  • More Choices: The online marketplace offers more places to buy used e-bikes, buying and selling used e-bikes than you can find at your local used e-bike store.
  • Competitive pricing: Online marketplaces are known for offering competitive prices, as there are often more buyers and sellers, which drives prices down.
  • Easy Comparison: You can easily compare the prices and features of different types of used e-bikes on online marketplaces.
  • Safe transactions: Transactions and payments at home should not be afraid of fraud or disputes, ensuring safe transactions for both buyers and sellers.
  • Cost savings: Used electric bicycles are sold at a higher price than the market , helping the car not to lose too much.


Address: 1000 Albion Rd S, Gloucester, ON K1X 1A3, Canada